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Preserving Ozark Natural Resources and Culture

The ONCRC features a variety of free exhibits each year which highlight Ozark Culture and Natural ResourcesThe Ozark Natural & Cultural Resource Center was created to provide information about natural and cultural opportunities for learning and recreational experience, while promoting responsible resource stewardship.

The Center is in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, Ozark National Scenic Riverway, Missouri Department of Conservation,
Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Mines, and The Pioneer Forest. Each has a display at the Center.

Exhibits are free to the public. ONCRC is a non-profit organization operated by the Salem Area Community Betterment Association. Donations are gratefully accepted.
Free Exhibits


The Missouri Stream Team program has scheduled 2014 Introductory Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring workshops. The workshops are free and consist of six hours of classroom instruction and one to two hours on a stream to demonstrate sampling methods and learn about aquatic life. The only requirements for attending a workshop are a sincere interest in water quality, a commitment to attend the entire workshop, and a willingness to periodically monitor a stream. To register for a March 29 workshop in Rolla or any of the nine other 2014 Missouri VWQM workshops, go to www.mostreamteam.org/wqintro.asp or contact Karen Westin, Missouri Department of Natural Resources at 573-526-7838.


Upcoming Events
Jun 2 - Jun 20Impressions of the Civil War in the West
“Impressions of the Civil War in the West”, original paintings by Dan Woodward of Rolla, will be on display beginning June 2nd and continue through June 22nd. This exhibit will contain more than 50 large paintings completed by Mr. Woodward based on his knowledge of relationships and happenings during the Civil War.
While this exhibit has traveled to various locations around the Midwest, it will be shown in Salem in its entirety and will include some never before exhibited pieces.
Jun 30 - Jul 22Beauty & Wonders of the Sea
“Beauty & Wonders of the Sea”, a very special photographic exhibit, will be on display in the Center from June 30th through July 26th. This exhibit is from the magnificent array of photographs taken by local photographer, Beth Watson. She has traveled to many amazing dive destinations around the world photographing sea life that most people will never get to see.
Absolutely loving the ocean and everything it has to offer, Beth enjoys the challenges of photographing wide angle reefs and wrecks, but also has a deep adoration for the smallest critters in the sea. While continuing to learn new techniques, experimenting with different lenses, exposures and lighting, she strives to produce images that are dramatic, unique and thought provoking.
Beth is an award-winning photographer who has won several international photography competitions. Her images have been published in magazines, newsletters, postcards, on websites and have been selected for juried art exhibitions. Visit her website: www.bethwatsonimages.com or you can find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bethbwatson.